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Cyber Hunting

Threat Intelligence, Security Controls, IPS, WAF, AV can only do so much, much of the security controls that are deployed are weeks if not months old. New attacks are out hourly. Having a team of Cyber Hunters monitoring for new and existing compromises ensures detection in days, not months or years.

  • Data Loss Prevention Responses
  • Know What Mandates Apply to You
  • Cyber Hunting Integration With Forensic Tools
Cyber Hunters
Cyber Hunters are the most technically skilled operators that are available with years of experience and in depth technical knowledge

Understanding network and system behaviors and finding in consistencies in baselines and network traffic patterns is the name of the game

Most corporations and government agencies do a poor job of safeguaring data and take limited steps to protect information entrusted to them, that is of course until they are in the newspaper and eventually sued.  Use Cyber Hunters to detect and stop the data breach before it is a reportable event.