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Information Security is about protecting data through effective data stewardship. Responsible Data stewardship starts with a corporate sense of Governance which is either self mandated or mandated through State or Federal law. The Governance decisions are described through Enteprise Policy statements, documented procedures and enforced through effective technical controls, standards and audit processes. These documents, processes and tools will give a level of Information Assurance that when implemented will ensure that the data under governance does not become corrupted, deleted or inadvertently accessed.  As much as this has been touted over and over again, we have found the most effective method is to assign data ownership to a data stweard person whose job and pay check are dependent on the security of the data they are responsible for. Some other tips:

  • Encrypt the Data
  • Control Access to Data
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Proper Data Destruction
  • Intrusion Detection to detect hack attempts
  • Data Integrity Controls
Common Sense About Protecting Data
Detecting Attempts to 0wn Your Network

Without Data Governance and the associated policy, procedures, standards and technical controls that insure secure storage, processing and transmittal of your data your business will be out of business, either through fines, legal action or loss of customer confidence in allowing you to store their.

It's pure and simple almost every business uses information in some manner to operate, insure you can stay in business be implementing simple and cost effective controls