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Most data loss prevention tools do a fairly decent job of keeping data from leaving the network. Secure Labs routinely see's deployments where the DLP solution has become a hated tool as the deployment has added significant overhead to normal operations and infuriated the business community by either blocking access to critical data or requiring constant responses to dialog boxes warning them of their authorized daily work task. Good deployments work by understanding where the data is, what the rules are and how the business operates.

Data Loss Prevention
Data Stewards Job is to Protect Data Under Their Care

Data Belongs to someone, an end user, customer or patient who entrust that data to someone they trust and expect to safeguard their private information

Most corporations and government agencies do a poor job of safeguaring data and take limited steps to protect information entrusted to them, that is of course until they are in the newspaper and eventually sued. Using tools like DLP technologies allows the enterprise risk management team to see data coming into and out of the Enterprise. This visibility allows business processes to change and prevent data leakage or breaches