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Being Able to Recover Your Business

There are many mandates that dictate the requirement for a written and tested Business Continuity Plan, not to mention that most of your business partners have included business continuity requirements in their contracts. Business partners in the past were taking your word that your plan might work, now most major partners are requesting proof that the plan is documented, exercised and workable. Some of the reasons to have a plan are listed here

  • HIPAA Requirement
  • PCI Requirement
  • NIST Requirement
  • ISO 27001 Requirement
  • Business Partner Contract Requirement
  • Common Sense
Surviving the Distaster
A high Percentage of Business affected by a disaster go out of business within five years

Most businesses that experience a disaster are out of business within five years, loss of personnel, data records or the inability to obtain financing due to the disaster closes most doors. A great study was performed on the world trade center incident giving an overview about what happend to the businesses in the world trade center. BCP programs do not have to be expensive, unless of course you go to the big accounting firms, they will drag it on for years, a BCP program is a common sense process that identifies were the businss makes money and the critical resources it needs to continue operating, its not magic, its tedious and detail orientated, kinda like buying insurance.