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Compliance is a matter of doing the right thing

    We believe we have seen it all when it comes to our customers efforts to comply with U.S and International Security and Privacy mandates. The laws and industry mandates have been put in the place for very good reason. Many corporations or government agencies do not have common sense or have lack of vision in their corporate responsibility to protect sensitive data. Compliance mandates are there because previous incidents have occurred which clearly demonstrate that some minimum level of control needs to be implemented to protect companies from themselves. The sheer arrogance demonstrated by many corporations in regards to protecting regulated data would shock the public into supporting further mandates.
    Compliance mandates specify the minimum levels of controls that must be implemented to protect our data, its about protecting your data, as an individual. You as a corporate employee trying to maximize revenue may not care about protecting other peoples data but you would want your personal information protected, wouldn't you? Our clients go through many cycles of churn and corporate tantrums until the realization that compliance cannot be avoided, no one likes to be told what to do but its easier to get over it and get compliant as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Secure Labs throughly enjoys sitting with legal consul and management listening to many hours of wrangling on how to avoid complying. Hey, what can we say, Secure Labs bills by the hour, it's your dime, dragging things out in endless mindnumbing meetings just wastes corporate focus and money.
Complying or facing the fines
Overcoming Management Objections

Secure Labs knows that governance and compliance is a necessary evil, if you don't believe us, read the daily paper. Data theft, computer breaches, misuse of private information, publication of classified informationthe, the list goes on and on

Executive management is fairly sensible when it comes to making a decision on properly presented compliance mandate implementations. There is a return on investment case for most mandates, the benefits may not be immediate or tangible but trust us, when you are breached and the time to impose fines and settlements comes along, having a darn good compliance effort documented and in place goes a long way.