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We see the casual hackers disappearing into the fray of organized crime, nationstates, non governmental organizations, angry hacktivists all targeting commericial, military and infrastructure targets with a wide range of tools and techniques. The methods of compromise are varied but all have the same common entry, the exploit. We look at how to protect an organized and focused attack against our customers. We determine the attack surface for the Enterprise and build a risk portfolio to build targeted controls to prevent a successfull exploit. Your adversaries will do one or all of the following

  • Social Engineering Research
  • Determining Enterprise Weakness
  • Building the toolset for the job
  • Target Selection
  • Exploit Delivery
  • Carrying Out Exploit
Nations At Risk
National Infrastructure At Risk

The United States is at a severe risk for a targeted Cyber attack.Daily the United States is drained of classified information and Intellectual Property. Although the United States is in a full fledged undeclared Cyber war against several nationstates the warfare manifest itself as a low level conflict of espionage and occasional sabotage. This warfare at any time may blossom into full scale cyber warfare targeting infrastructure and critical services