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Information Technology Forensics

Piecing together all the information that can be recovered to determine the actual events that lead to an unwanted occurrence. The complete picture of the event is presented to corporate management, interested legal parties or law enforcement

    Services We Provide Routinely
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Asset Seizure
  • Forensic Architetures
IT Forensics
Recreating the Past

Recreating events that have occurred requires speciazlied tools and skillsets, an improperly executed forensics seizure will impact you legally. You need case management tools

There are many excellent tools available for almost every situation, however when performing forensics work, keep in mind the context of the forensics work. Never use the wrong tool in the wrong context, if the work product ends up in court and the forensic tool used to develeop the work product is not accepted by the court you just lost your case