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Secure Your Future

The security decisions about your future and the future of the enterprise are made on a daily basis, sometimes hour by hour.. How you integrate security controls and processes into the enterprise architecture and work stream will determine the ultimate outcome of the enterprise security posture. Growing the enterprise with an un-coordinated tactical approach will leave your enterprise vulnerable. Not only will the security of the entperise be at risk, an adhoc approach will significantly increase operational costs, both to run it and then to remediate your infrastructure once you are audited or breached.We believe everyone is accountable for their inaction or action, however most executives making the decisions that cannot blame IT, take their nice severance and bonuses and move on to the next train wreck they will cause. We can't help to pick your executives but we can offer some simple tips:

  • Pick a workable framework - Like NIST or ISO
  • Build a risk portfolio so you know what can happen
  • Understanding your risk - understand the impact of your risk
  • Be Compliant - its not that hard
  • Manage Your risk - you made it
  • Transfer Risk - If you can
Securing the Enterprise
One piece at a time

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. With that in mind, your enterprise did not end up a security risk overnight. It grew piece meal, one project at a time that had to be rushed into production to realize some vague corporate value. Almost all project do not take Information Security or regulatory requirements into the developmental life cycle or architecture design. One flaw is all it takes, just one flaw to expose the enterprise to foreign nationstates, cyber extorionist, competitors or organized crime.