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Managing Information Security

Information Security is in its infancy and has rarely been a concern in product development. In many organizations the Information Security group is rarely the recipient of large budgets, however that is changing due to multi million dollar fines and legisation. The general population is tired of having their data disclosed and they are increasingly pressuring law makers to impose stricter controls and fines. The enterprise needs to think about the following

  • Information Security Budgeting
  • Information Assurance Value Add
  • The IT Staffing Problem
  • Breach Laws Have Teeth
  • Managing an Incident
  • Compromised - Now What
Corporate Governance
Information Assurance Leadership

  • Governance
  • When we look at corporate governance groups as it relates to information security we are constantly presented with good looking people with nice resumes. When we look at the actual information assurance posture we see a wide gap between writtten policies, business objectives and a secured environment. Looking good with a nice resume does not keep you from being breached. In simpler terms, we could drive in a backhoe into your datacenter and mine all your data and no one would be the wiser [...]