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Come See Us Speak

We have been invited to speak at the New York State Cyber Security Conference on June 5th 2013[...]

Breach Fatigued

Easiest way to steal your data is through your "secure" DNS traffic[...]

DNS DGA Malware - Bless Those Hackers

DNS Malware is keeping us busy and our bank accounts happy[...]

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Once you have the tail of a Tiger

With with the arrest of some members of the hacktivist group anonymous, anonymous is preparing to show that the arrest has had no effect

Imperva Comes into the Cross hairs of LOIC

Might be time to sell some shares in Imperva as they have become the poster child for the Anonymous hit list. We can expect the Low Orbit ION Cannon (LOIC) to point their way soon

Breached Again

We are onsite at another customer who is having a very serious breach, pound of prevention would have saved 20 million in remediation..
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