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We see signficant activity in the weaponization of traditional malware code. For the last several years organized crime has invested heavily in developing cybercrime capabilities. With the proliferation of networks interconnecting not only our lives but the machines that power the military industrial complex, national infrastructure and businesses, the world has become ripe for a boom in Cybercrime. With the ability to conduct effective espionage and sabotage operations inexpensively and covertly nationstates have funded large scale cyberwarfare operations

How Does An Adversary Do this?

  • Weaponizing Code
  • Delivering Code to your target
  • Target Selection

Things We Think About Daily

  • Detecting the unknown
  • Defensive Measures
  • Malware in The Near Future
Nations At Risk
National Infrastructure At Risk

The United States is at a daily risk for a targeted Cyber attack. Although technically the United States is in an undeclared full fledged war with several nationstates the warfare is being kept to a low level conflict of espionage and sabotage