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Reversing the Hack

Much of the quality malicious software written today is encrypted making it difficult to understand the purpose and payload of the package. A number of sandboxes allow the code to be exectuted to understand some of the features that are designed into the program but to truly understand the scope of the code it must be reverse engineered

  • OllyDebug
  • Canvas
  • Package Encrypter (PE) blends
  • Software ICE
  • MASM
  • Invincea
Delivering the Package
Understanding The Threat'

Many of our customers are targeted, the media calls it advanced persistent threats. Your organization is targeted for malicious code delivery through email, web pages or dropped usb sticks in the corporate parking lot. Not to mention that employee's, contractors and vendors are the perfect delivery mechanism. The code will find itself into your enterprise. You had better know how to respond